Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions
Smartphones and tablets have changed how we interact with each other and with companies. Nano Equipment has developed a wide-range of innovative mobile solutions for customers in diverse industries for very different needs.Let us help you meet your business objectives through our experience:

  • Customer engagement
  • Mobile e-commerce
  • Sales tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Enterprise communications


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
We develop native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps that fully leverage the capabilities of the target mobile devices on which the apps operate. The operating systems that we cover include iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Mobile apps allow sophisticated user-interactions to be supported. They are able to access local resources such as camera, GPS, SMS, accelerometer, gyrometer, etc. more effectively. Similarly, they can handle complex calculations and formulas, using charts and making reports in a highly efficient manner.

Mobile apps that are designed to support hybrid mode would work with or without Internet connectivity. Local on-device database allows data to be stored. Data can be updated or submitted to a back-end server when connectivity becomes available.

Being constantly present on the mobile device on which the app is installed, it provides additional incentive for companies to use app for branding purposes.

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Mobile Websites

Nano Equipment - Mobile Website Development
We design and develop large-scale mobile websites. Our websites integrate with customers’ existing back-end infrastructure and provide a mobile optimized web front-end.

Companies are beginning to realize the importance of mobile website as more and more of their potential customers now surf using mobile devices. The advancement of mobile browsers and more specifically, HTML5 and responsive website development frameworks such as JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Cordova, Bootstrap, etc., allow mobile websites to take advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices for presentation and navigation.

Mobile websites have broader accessibility, compatibility and in general cost-effectiveness. Hence, for marketing or public communications, a mobile website is a practical first step in your mobile outreach strategy.

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