3D Technologies for Mobile Apps

Nano Equipment collaborates with Disgruntled Rats of St. Paul, Minnesota to bring 3D display technologies for mobile devices to Asian markets.


Disgruntled Rats


Disgruntled Rats is a video game development company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Disgruntled rats have a strong focus on mobile game development, Android, gaming, and computer graphics.

Nano Equipment has successfully incorporated Disgruntled Rats’ 3D models display technologies in its Android applications. The technologies enable the ability to display 3D Models (using the open-source COLLADA format) on any Android-based mobile platform. Features supported include:

  • Easy navigation using gestures
  • Full texture rendering
  • Easy 360º rotation on either the X, Y, and Z axis
  • Zoom in/out capabilities
  • Model panning
  • Model switching (for multiple models)

3D models represent a 3D object using a collection of points in 3D space. Besides 3D graphics for computer games, 3D models are useful in industrial design and presentation and are used in many sectors including engineering, medical, science, architecture, tourism, etc.

Capability of the 3D model display technologies can be demonstrated on Disgruntled Rats’ Mobile Model Viewer, an inexpensive yet robust Android-based application that can be downloaded from Google Play. With Mobile Model Viewer you can build a 3D model in any number of 3D modeling applications, export or convert to COLLADA format, and then load the models directly onto your mobile phone for a full-texture presentation.

Disgruntled Rats also introduced a new online tool called Cheddar Cheese Press which is useful for preparing model files for mobile devices. The tool optimizes model files. It converts polygons to triangles and optimizes texture sizes. The tool can also email your model file to your device and it is free to use.

Contact us if you wish to incorporate 3D models in your mobile apps!