Enterprise Mobile Stock Taking Solution

MoST Mobile Stock Taking

Stock taking is a necessity for many organisations. The common options for conducting stock taking are:

  • Recording stock on paper and keying the information onto the computer
  • Using handheld barcode scanner to record and transfer data offline to computer

These traditional methods come with many disadvantages. Nano Equipment is introducing a new and revolutionary approach using smart phone apps and enterprise server to reduce costs, time spent and human-error on stock taking.

Nano Equipment MoST (Mobile Stock Taking) solution consists of mobile apps and a web portal for admin access. Mobile apps for iPhone, iPod and Android smart phones are used on-site for stock taking. Through the web portal, authorised personnel are able to manage product information, mobile devices, stock count and reports.

Our enterprise solution provides integration with various ERP and business management systems for import and export of product master list, store master list, stock reports, etc.

Nano Equipment Mobile Stock Taking


Key Features


  • Use mobile app (iPhone, iPod Touch or Android) to read barcodes or QR code
  • Wirelessly upload stock count
  • Data security with Remote Device Management capability
  • Concurrent multi-site, multi-shelve support
  • Manage and push product and store information remotely
  • Centrally managed stock count
  • Export reports in required formats
  • Integration with business systems


Key Benefits

Reduce cost

  • No need for barcode scanner. Use non-dedicated, commonly available mobile devices
  • No computer is required on-site during stock taking

Save time and reduce error

  • Product data including barcode, item description, etc. are pushed remotely from the Web Portal
  • Quantity scanned is both auto increment and user editable

Easy-to-use with minimal training


  • Mobile app and web portal features will continue to be enhanced
  • New mobile devices will be supported

Increase efficiency:

  • Real-time data update (both directions)
  • Remote management through 3G or WiFi connection
  • Concurrent multi-site stock taking

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