Portfolio: Mobile Solutions

Voice-over-IP App

Mobile Call Recording
Mobile Call Recording Solution

Our Mobile Call Recording Solution is developed for financial institutions looking to implement measures for compliance with record-keeping requirements of Dodd-Frank Act and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Our solution allows our clients to store sensitive call recordings entirely on their own secured data centre. Key benefits include:

  • No monthly recurring charges
  • No mobile network dependencies
  • No call conferencing required (no delayed call set up)
  • No complex network architecture and set up

Both iPhones and Android devices are currently supported. Calls can be made over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks globally.

Full user-interface customization and private branding are supported.

Please contact us if you would like to trial the solution.

Enterprise Productivity

Track & Dispatch
Track & Dispatch Solutions

We provide Track & Dispatch solutions to the logistics industry including:

  • Enterprise systems customized to client requirements and integrated with existing business systems
  • Subscription-based Software-as-a-Service solution (DDTS)

Main functionality of track & dispatch include:

  • Job dispatch
  • Job status tracking
  • Driver & goods location tracking
  • Digital signature for Delivery Order
  • Messaging
  • Voice-over-IP communications
  • Android, iOS and Windows CE devices

We will be pleased to assess your requirements and propose a suitable solution. Please contact us for trial or demo.


AIS – Asset Inspection System

AIS is purpose-built for asset inspection and management. It is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.

AIS provides an efficient data collection system for building and asset inspection. It is a knowledge based system with pre-defined defect categorization and rating system provided by industry expert MAEK Consulting Services Pte Ltd. In addition, users may define custom defects more relevant to their operations.

Through the AIS web portal, asset data including floor plans are uploaded. Detailed inspection plans with pre-defined inspection areas are created online and assigned to inspectors. Inspectors with the AIS iPad App download and execute the plans. The iPad App features interactive floor plan support, mapping capabilities, photo recording, and defect forms.

Once an inspection plan is completed the data collected are uploaded to the system. Inspection report can be generated and shared on the AIS web portal. The inspection data, when collected over many rounds of inspection could help identify patterns of defect occurrence which could then possibly help to locate the points of weakness. Companies could then resolve the problem from the roots and create a better environment.

Please contact us if you would like to try out AIS.

Mobile Stock Take
MoST – Mobile Stock Taking

Nano Equipment MoST (Mobile Stock Taking) solution consists of mobile apps and a web portal for admin access. Mobile apps for iPhone, iPod and Android smart phones are used on-site for stock taking. Through the web portal, authorized personnel are able to manage product information, mobile devices, stock count and reports.

Stock take data can be viewed in real-time for each location. Discrepancies can be detected as soon as each session is completed. The supervisor can be alerted to discrepancies in the count of individual products down to a specific shelf in a store. A re-count can be ordered, if necessary.

Our enterprise solution provides integration with various ERP and business management systems for import and export of product master list, store master list, stock reports, etc.

Nano Equipment’s winning stock take solution automates a laborious process in the retail industry’s supply chain, slashes the time taken in the tedious process of stock-taking retail goods by half.

Read more about MoST here.

Apps for Schools

iNAPFA – A productivity tool for schools

A brainchild of Catholic High School Singapore, iNAPFA is a comprehensive tool for teachers and students involved in NAPFA (National Physical Fitness Assessment) test.

iNAPFA iPhone and iPad universal app allows teachers to record students’ NAPFA trials and actual test results on the spot without the needs for paper. Results are wirelessly uploaded and stored on a server. Results and reports can also be retrieved from the iNAPFA web portal. Points and awards are automatically calculated based on results and the age of the student. iNAPFA helps to improve productivity and save the environment.

Students are able to track their records using the app. They can also study the rules and requirements of NAPFA. Video clips included in the app demonstrate how each NAPFA test should be performed.

Please contact us if your school would like to use iNAPFA. For more information, please download iNAPFA brochure here.

PoGo – Collaborative Poems Writing

PoGo is a collaborative platform for poems writing. PoGo iPad App let user write and edit a poem over a selected background image. The image may be a photo taken with the iPad or an image chosen from bundled images or the camera roll that inspires the user. Project owner may add collaborators to their projects and use the built-in text chat feature to communicate with each other. All collaborators may contribute to the poem. The text input of each collaborator is marked by a different font colour for ease of tracking.

PoGo Web Portal can be accessed by students and teachers. Teachers have the administrative rights to add/edit/delete users. Students are able to view snapshots and some details on their projects. On the Public Gallery, the snapshots of all projects with privacy option set to “public” will be displayed for shared viewing by all users.

For more information, please visit the app site on iTunes.

iOS Apps

Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers are among the most energy-intensive home appliances. Save on your electricity bill when you buy these appliances! The Life Cycle Cost Calculator iPhone and iPad universal app launched by National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) helps you make informed purchasing decisions by calculating the life cycle costs (purchase price + energy costs over its lifespan) of different models of air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers.

The Life Cycle Cost Calculator app works in hybrid mode and only needs Internet connection when retrieving technical specifications of newly added models of electrical appliances. It allows the user to search, view technical specs and select desired brands and models. The user could then choose a pre-defined usage pattern or define his or her own usage pattern. The life cycle costs of the appliances would be calculated and can be saved. The app features intuitive user interface including graphical comparison of the calculated costs of models selected and saved by the user.

Life Cycle Cost Calculator can be downloaded free from iTunes.

Android Apps

Nano Equipment Android Apps
Consumer Apps for the Public

We have developed a number of Android Apps that are free to download from Google Play Shop. These apps showcase a wide range of Android features and capabilities such as:

  • Geo-location: geo-fencing, location updates, tracking
  • Communications: SMS, email
  • Server integration: Google Docs
  • Widget with live update
  • Video: for surveillance and entertainment
  • Social media: Facebook, Youtube

View and download from Google Play.

Mobile Websites

Library in Your Pocket

LiYP (Library in Your Pocket) allows users to access a plethora of services provided by National Library Board of Singapore through a web interface optimized for mobile devices. Services supported include checking of personal account, new arrivals, catalogue search, eBooks, etc. LiYP features a default ‘app-like’ home page with icons neatly laid for access to different functionality. With a single touch, the home page can be toggled to a more traditional “list view”. LiYP takes full advantage of touch screen capabilities, allowing information within a page to be navigated through swiping and scrolling.