Portfolio: Video Solutions

oktoLIVE! Video Call-in
Bioskin QRTV Marketing Campaign

Bioskin, a regular winner of Superbrands Singapore, helps their clients resolve skin problems, weight issues and hair woes. Bioskin launched Abstrim for Men service with roaring success using QRTV advertising. A combination of QR code, mobile optimized TVC and a mobile website with call-to-action script let readers of print-ads effortlessly switch to an interactive media experience and engage with Bioskin.

oktoLIVE! Video Call-in

Mediacorp oktoLIVE! is a live TV program that features a video call-in segment. Participants would make video call to the service and be interviewed by the assistant producers. Two selected callers would be put on-air on live TV and pit against each other in quizzes.

Nano Equipment provided the Video Call-in System that enabled the producers to manage the incoming video calls via a web interface. The producers could interview callers face-to-face through video chat. Selected callers would then be put on-air and interact live with the hosts and each other.

oktoLIVE! iPhone App and Android App are available for download.

Mobile Solutions
NLB (National Library Board) Read! Live Video Streaming

READ! IT, held in conjunction with READ! Singapore 2010, was jointly organized by the National Library Board (NLB) and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). It brought together reading events happening at six different venues simultaneously over a two-hour period with geo-tagged videos streamed live for online viewers.

Nano Equipment provided the geo-tagged live video streaming solution for the event, designed and developed the video portal, and project-managed the technical implementation.