Optimizing your Dispatch Processes

With the help of a suitable track and dispatch service, you can assign the most appropriate person to a particular task at the correct time…

For any company that has to deal with physical delivery of goods or services, prompt dispatch of field service personnel in response to customer requests is a critical business process. As a result of escalating fuel and manpower costs, companies are increasingly forced to look into means to optimize their dispatch processes. Track and dispatch systems have been developed mainly to help improve efficiency and reduce the cost of goods and services delivery.

Tracking only requires the location of a person to be constantly sent to a back-end application and it is a one-way process. Dispatch is more complex because it generally requires a two-way communication between the field personnel and a back-room operator. A track and dispatch solution is an integrated system designed to streamline location-based dispatch in a timely and systematic manner primarily by leveraging on the knowledge of the current location of each field service personnel and the ability to communicate with them.

There are two types of track and dispatch solutions in general: Enterprise system and web-based service. Enterprise systems are traditional solutions and highly customized to the needs of a specific company. They are usually owned and operated in-house by the company. Early adopters of enterprise systems are those whose business competes solely on how well they perform in delivering goods or services. Enterprise system demands a heavy capital investment for software customization, server hardware, specialized MDT (mobile data terminal) and on-going support and maintenance. Therefore, it is usually afforded only by large businesses dealing with high value goods, complex dispatch procedures and zeal in keeping all data in-house.

Web-based services are emerging solutions made possible by the advancement in Internet technologies such as cloud-platform. They are cost effective with low or zero upfront investment. They are usually subscription-based and easy to use, making them accessible to companies of all sizes. Their main trade-off is that complex logics for dispatch that require customization may not be supported.

Nowadays, smart phones and tablets with GPS installed are commonly available at affordable costs. These mobile devices are more than capable of supporting the client software for track and dispatch service. This drastically reduces the real cost of using web-based services making them suitable even for companies dealing with goods of low values. So, any company which does not specialise in delivery but needs an optimised dispatch process at a reduced cost should opt for a web-based service.

Besides businesses, non-profit organizations and even individuals can benefit from web-based track and dispatch services. For example, an institute may use it to track and communicate with groups who are on expeditions or students on excursions.

There are innumerable benefits of track and dispatch solutions such as:

  • Increased turn over time and workforce productivity
  • Decreased planning, delivery, travel and overhead costs with increase in revenue
  • Management of field service resources with increased efficiency
  • Meet close deadlines and demands of customers
  • Eliminate the possibility of errors
  • Provides accuracy through dedicated schedules in real time to customers
  • Increase in productivity through route optimization techniques
  • More controlled and organised dispatch process

The main features of a track and dispatch service include:

  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Track individuals and groups
  • Real-time and store-forward messaging
  • External notifications such as email alert
  • Proximity alert
  • Live location update on digital maps
  • Historical route and distance-travelled analysis
  • Logs, reports and statistics

In summary, with the help of a suitable track and dispatch service, you can assign the most appropriate person to a particular task at the correct time with immense precision. This optimizes the overall dispatch processes of your company.