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We're all about

digital transformation.

We're all about digital transformation.

Our Philosophy:
We leverage digital technologies to create and enhance business processes, company cultures, and customer experiences — to ensure our clients thrive in evolving environments.

This award-winning solution marries IoT and Data Visualisation components in a proprietary CMS and mobile app, creating an end-to-end system that radically improves tree and asset management.

Ministry of Manpower:
Featured in Singapore's 'Digital Government Blueprint', our exemplary mobile solution illustrates how digital technologies can transform the way field inspection is done.

Workplace from Facebook:
With our dedicated Change Management team and a fulfilling Facebook partnership, we have successfully implemented Workplace across many organizations.

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Whether you’re a government, global organisation, small-medium enterprise, or startup, we have what it takes to catalyse your transformation.

Take a look at our fields of expertise.

Software Development.

As the core of our digitisation process, we create websites, Content Management Systems (CMSs), and mobile applications to simplify, automate, and improve your processes.

Software Development

Internet of Things.

We love holistic solutions. Thus, we can integrate networks of interconnected sensors and devices, ensuring communication without the need for human interaction.


Artificial Intelligence.

We tackle high-value problems with a state-of-the-art modular AI engine. By partnering with an Isreali-based AI firm, BeyondMinds, this also means we have some of the brightest researchers and technologists in our team.

Data Management

Data Management.

Our database engineers and analysts specialise in architecturing and optimising your data flows.

Data Management

Collaboration Tools.

As the sole reseller of Workplace from Facebook to the Singapore Government, we provide consultancy services for effective change management and client success.

Collaboration Tools
About Us

We are Versatile. Credible. Current. Smart.

With our emphasis on elegant problem-solving, contemporary ideas, and effective management, we have established our local credibility, sustained government & MNC partnerships, and achieved respectable certifications.
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