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Anchoring structure amidst ever-changing circumstances is difficult. To adapt, the necessary platform must be found to engage employees and optimise their productivity levels in spite of the current complicated conditions. Workplace from Meta is a packaged solution that meets all these pressing needs!


Users We’ve Transformed.

Join the 7 million paying customers who use Workplace to connect with their employees.

Why Workplace?

Nano believes in enabling the local landscape shift towards an adaptable workforce, and we trust Workplace from Meta to provide the necessary tools to do so.

We know it might be a tad bit confusing to toggle between multiple platforms like Zoom, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. So look instead to Workplace from Meta to harmonise these different work accounts. Workplace from Meta is an effective communication platform that helps consolidate remote work resources while helping to engage your employees with various working arrangements.

With features like video calls, integrations to file sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive and more, all in one place, you can bet Workplace from Meta optimises your working processes!

Workplace from Meta engages both frontline and back office teams

Is Workplace from Meta the right fit for you?

It doesn’t matter if your company contains a large number of employees or even if it is a tight knit group of several individuals, because with Workplace from Meta you can always enhance connectivity and foster a greater sense of community.

Additionally, if you are looking to elevate your Frontline teams or value-add to your back office, Workplace has the necessary tools to help you improve on an already effective workflow.

Fosters Collaboration & Productivity

Workplace is a tool that connects every single employee in your organization in a simple yet powerful way. It provides a space for people to come together by using familiar features, hence, connecting employees to a virtual Workplace regardless of where they’re physically located.

Workplace is a tool that connects every single employee in your organization in a simple yet powerful way. It provides a space for people to come together.

Features include:
  • Groups
  • Chats
  • Posts
  • Live
  • Meetings



Real Solutions to Your Challenges

Real Solutions to Your Challenges

Workplace from Meta is not just another way to conduct a town hall, or a standalone tool to get project members on the same page. Instead, it presents you with an intuitive digital platform that is all inclusive of the best tools to boost your workflows.

Companies like Danone, Agoda, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital have used Workplace features to enhance their business performance. Find out more about how you can inspire change in your organisation too.

Integrate Your Processes, Work Better

Workplace helps you manage your applications

Workplace ensures integration with the world’s most sought after products and applications. Enhance your employee experiences in the workplace by giving them the best of all the integrations when you use Workplace.

Keep Your Data Safe

All About Data Security

Workplace from Meta takes your privacy and data security seriously. To ensure information confidentiality and integrity, Workplace undergoes various audits to guarantee compliance with the latest industry data security requirements.

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